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General Schuyler to General Wooster



Ticondoroga, October 19, 1775.

SIR: The Continental Congress having taken the six first Regiments, raised this year in the Colony of Connecticut, (of which yours is one,) into the pay and service of the associated Colonies, at the earnest request of the honourable Delegates representing the Colony of Connecticut, and you having in a variety of instances obeyed the orders of Congress, who have conferred on you the rank of Brigadier-General in the Army of the associated Colonies, I was taught to believe you considered yourself as such, both from what I have above observed, and from your declarations to me yesterday; but I am just now informed, that you have called a General Court-Martial, at Fort George, in your way up here — a conduct which I cannot account for, unless you consider yourself my superior; and that cannot be in virtue of your appointment by Congress, by which you are a younger Brigadier-General than Mr˙ Montgomery; and unless you consider yourself as such, I cannot, consistent with the duty I owe the publick, permit you to join that part of the Army now under Brigadier-General Montgomery' s command, lest a confusion and disagreement should arise that might prove fatal to our operations in Canada. You will, therefore, Sir, please to give me your explicit answer to this question: whether you consider yourself and your Regiment in the service of the associated Colonies, and yourself a younger Brigadier-General in that service than Mr˙ Montgomery or not, that no misapprehensions or misrepresentations may hereafter arise.

I am, Sir, with much respect, your most obedient humble servant, PHILIP SCHUYLER.

To General Wooster.