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Commission from the South-Carolina Council of Safety


In the Council of Safety, Charlestown, South-Carolina,

July 24, 1775.

The Council of Safety, elected and chosen by the Provincial Congress, begun to be holden on the 1st day of June last, by these presents testify, that Clement Lempriere, Esquire, has been, and is hereby appointed and commissioned to command the Sloop Commerce, belonging to New-York, and over all and every person and persons engaged to embark on board the said sloop, under the authority of the said Council of Safety. And the said Clement Lempriere is hereby ordered to proceed to such places, and to take such measures as he shall think most proper, to procure gunpowder for the publick of this Colony, which, when he shall have procured, be is ordered to convey to this Colony, with all possible despatch.

It is also hereby declared, that if any commander or officer under the King' s authority, in any degree ill treat the said Clement Lempriere, or any of his company, the King' s officers now in our power shall be treated with equal severity; of which all persons are required to take due notice. Given under the authority, and by order of the Council of Safety:


To Clement Lempriere, Esq.

Ordered, That the foregoing Commission be engrossed, sealed, dated, and signed by the President, and by him delivered, sealed up, to Captain Lempriere, with orders not to be opened until he shall be arrived in sight of the Island of New-Providence.