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Answer of the Governour to the Joint Address


Ordered, That the said Report do lie upon the table. Mr˙ Cary reported, that the joint Address of the Council and this House, of yesterday, to the Governour, had been presented to his Excellency, who delivered to him an answer thereunto, which he delivered in at the Clerk' s table, and which was read, and is in the words following, viz:

Gentlemen of the Council, and House of Burgesses:

I have already declared my Intentions in regard to the arms at the Palace, and I conceive the Council and House of Burgesses are interfering in a matter which does not belong to them. I should be glad to be informed who they design by the terms "rude invaders," which they have made use of.

The disorders in Williamsburgh and other parts of the Country, drove me to the necessity of changing my place of residence; and if any inconvenience has arisen to the Assembly on that account, I am not chargeable with it; but they have not been deprived of any necessary nor free access to me. The Constitution invests me with an undoubted power to call the Assembly for the business of, to any place in the Colony exigency may require.

Not having been made acquainted with the whole proceedings of the Assembly, I know of no bills of importance which, if I were inclined to risk my person again among the people, the Assembly have to present to me, nor whether they be such as I could assent to.