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Answer of the Lieutenant Governour


Mr˙ Speaker left the Chair, and with the House, attended his Honour the Lieutenant-Governour, with their humble Address, according to his appointment; and being returned, resumed the Chair, and reported that the House had attended his Honour with their humble Address, and that his Honour had been pleased to return the following Answer thereto; and the same being read, is in the words following, viz:

GENTLEMEN: I return you my most cordial thanks for this loyal and affectionate Address.

The affliction you express at the unhappy contest between Great Britain and his Majestys American Dominions; your virtuous resolution to discharge your important trust with firmness and deliberation; your solicitude for a re-establishment of that harmony with our parent state, which can alone diffuse happiness and security to the various branches of the Empire; and your assurance that you will discountenance every measure which may increase our distress; while they hold you up as guardians on whose wisdom and integrity your constituents may rely with well grounded confidence, cannot fail of giving me the most sincere satisfaction, and of recommending you to general approbation.

You may be assured, gentlemen, that to deserve the good opinion and esteem with which you are pleased to honour me, shall be my constant study, and the object of my ambition.


New-York, January 20, 1775.

Resolved, That there be a call of the House on Tuesday, the 7th day of February next.

Ordered, That the Clerk of this House write to the absent Members, to require their punctual attendance on that day.

Resolved, That his Honours Speech be taken into further consideration on Thursday next.