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Adjourned to the Third Monday in August


It is Voted and Resolved, That Mr˙ John Martin be, and he is hereby, appointed a Surgeon to the Rhode-Island Brigade; that he do all the services in said Brigade that his capacity will admit of; and that he be allowed for the same the monthly wages of nine Pounds lawful money.


It is Voted and Resolved, That Captain John Grimes be, and, he is hereby, appointed Commander of the small Sloop chartered by the Colony, in the room of Captain Christopher Whipple, who refused; that all other vacancies, in either of the Sloops chartered by the Colony, be filled up by the Committee of Safety; and that the Officers be commissioned, by the Secretary of this Colony.

It is Voted and Resolved, That when the places of any commissioned Officers in the Army of Observation, raised by this Colony, shall happen to be vacant, the Brigadier-General of the said Army, with the advice of the Field-Officers thereof, fill up all such vacancies with Officers; who shall have full power to act by virtue of such appointment, until his Honour the Deputy-Governour shall send them Commissions, signed by the Secretary.

It is Voted and Resolved, That the Secretary publish the Acts and Orders now made and passed by beat of drum, in the Town of Providence, in ten days after the rising of this Assembly, and within thirty send copies thereof to the Sheriffs of the several Counties in this Colony, by them to be transmitted to the Town-Clerks in their respective Counties; and that this Assembly be, and hereby is, adjourned until the third Monday in August next, then to meet in the Town pf Providence

GOD save the King.

Published according to order, on Monday, the tenth day of July, A˙ D˙ 1775, by

HENRY WARD, Secretary.