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Letter to General Ward


The Committee appointed to consider the Letter from General Ward, reported an Answer thereto, which was amended and accepted, and is as follows:

"In Congress, Watertown, May 8, 1775.

"SIR: This Congress received your letter of this day. and the complaint enclosed, informing, that several persons, falsely pretending to have your order to search for fire-arms, have committed robbery on private property. We have taken the matter seriously into consideration, and are of opinion, that such criminals ought to meet with condign punishment.

"The persons suspected to be the offenders are, one Saunders, Samuel Mallows, Jacob Whittemore, Edward Bugby, and Ebcnezer Smith, all of Roxbury, with two other persons, unknown; therefore, Sir, you are directed to apprehend the above said persons, by a number of men under your command, and cause them to be carried before the Committee of Safely, who are hereby empowered and directed to examine them, touching their offence, and search for, and, if possible, to find the goods, and direct that they are immediately replaced from whence they were taken.

"And if on examination the said persons are found guilty of the said robbery, the Committee of Safety are hereby directed to imprison them till the further order of Congress."