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Petition of Elisha Cobb


The Petition of Elisha Cobb, of Wellfleet, in the County of Barnstable, most humbly sheweth: That a number of whaling vessels is now preparing for sea, owned and possessed by Elisha Doane, Esq˙, Ezekiel Holbrook, Hezekiah Doane, Eleazer Atwood, and Nauman Holbrook and Company. Your petitioner, therefore, in behalf of the


aforesaid gentlemen, most humbly prays this honourable Court to take into consideration the great necessity of the whale fishery at this day, and grant them liberty of proceeding on their voyage; they complying with the order of this honourable Court, which they are always ready to obey. Your petitioner would further represent, that, should this honourable Court neglect granting the desire aforesaid, a large number of the inhabitants of said County will be unemployed in any sort of business; and as a number of said vessels hath been preparing for the employ aforesaid, your petitioner humbly hopes the aforesaid petition will be granted. And, as in duty bound, shall ever pray.