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Samuel Ten Broeck to New-York Convention


SAMUEL TEN BROECK TO THE NEW-YORK CONVENTION. District of Manor Livingston, October 10, 1776.

SIR: Since the letter wrote yesterday we have seen another instance of the cruel, unnatural intention of our domes-tick enemies, by their firing again last night a gun at two young men that were walking decently to their homes; and about an hour after six guns were fired in the house of Jacob Power; but through the interposition of Providence no lives lost, nor a single person wounded. We take it a duty incumbent on us to advise with you on this important matter, and submit it to your serious consideration and superiour judgment. Agreeable to the orders issued yesterday, some of our men have marched this morning. We are in hopes they may take them; but as the men are uncertain with regard to their receiving pay, they seem to be rather tardy; besides, taking them by companies, and in every one they are more or less disaffected, which render our plans commonly exposed before executed. We are sincerely of opinion that unless there is some other method taken very soon, (than to take the Militia companies as they run,) we shall be a ruined people. Daily we hear of more and more threatenings, and indeed it' s very evident they mean to annoy us by skulking about until a favourable opportunity presents, when no doubt they will strike a blow, as they in reality increase daily. In consequence of this momentous matter, we beg that you will be pleased to apply to the Convention to grant us a company of sixty men. We are of opinion that a less number would not be able to do the business effectually. Captain Gaasbeck has offered his service to take the command of the men. We judge it to be essentially necessary for the publick safety to have this body of men; otherwise should not request it. If the Convention thinks proper to grant these men, beg you will please to detain the bearer and send the necessary orders by him. If you think proper to leave the appointment of the subaltern officers to this Board, beg you will send blank commissions for them. We earnestly entreat that you will despatch the bearer as speedy as possible, so that we may know how to regulate.

In haste we remain, dear sir, your most obedient and very humble servants,

By order: SAMUEL TEN BROECK, Chairman p. t.

To Col. Peter R. Livingston, in Convention, Fishkills.