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Sir Walter Blackett to Mr. Grieve


The same was addressed to Sir M˙W˙ Ridley. Both the gentlemen desired to see copies of the Petition; which being sent them, they returned the following answers:

Sunday evening, November 5, 1775.

SIR: Please to accept the following, as my reasons for not signing and presenting to His Majesty the petition and memorial, of which you sent me a copy this morning. It being my opinion that, by the Constitution of our Country, the legislative authority of the Parliament of Great Britain extends over her Colonies, and that they are now in rebellion against that authority; and observing that the petition and memorial does not assert that right of Parliament, nor make a proper submission from the Colonies to that right of Parliament a previous condition for His Majesty' s gracious consideration of their case, I must beg leave to decline, signing and presenting the petition and memorial. I beg leave, further to observe, that His Majesty' s late gracious speech to his Parliament points out to the Colonies the certain, means of reconciliation, and consequently that they have in their own hands the mutual peace and prosperity of themselves and their Mother Country, whenever they shall please to become loyal subjects, and return to their allegiance.

I am, with great respect, Sir, your most obedient humble servant, W˙ BLACKETT.