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Letter to Captains Lawrence and Tudor


A Letter from Messrs˙ Augustine Lawrence and Samuel Tudor, dated this day, was received and read.

A draft of an Answer thereunto was read and approved of, and is in the words following, that is to say:

"In Committee of Safety, Fishkill, 23d November, 1776.

"GENTLEMEN: Your letter of yesterday, concerning a quantity of rigging to be furnished by you, by an order of the Marine Committee, is under consideration; and the order is explicit; we advise you to comply with it immediately.

"Captain Ivers represents to us that it is impracticable to carry the cables by land, but that he has yarn sufficient to make the cables of, and that they cannot be safely carried until they are warped and tarred; this matter we leave with you, and advise, if it be the only practicable method, that it be pursued, and that Mr˙ Ivers go with the yarn and finish the cables. In case you cannot hire wagons or teams to carry the quantity of rigging wanted, you are hereby empowered to impress them, giving sixteen shillings per day for each ox-team with drivers, (say four oxen,) and twelve shillings per day for each wagon and horses and drivers, they finding themselves, to carry the same to the first town in Connecticut, on the road leading to Middletown.

"I am, gentlemen, with respect, your very humble serv' t.

"By order.

"To Captains Lawrence and Tudor."