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Hospital Stores to be procured and sent to Concord


At a Meeting of the Committee of Safety, and the Committee of Supplies, February 24th, 1775, Present:

COMMITTEE OF SAFETY. — Honourable John Hancock, Esquire, Colonel Orne, Mr˙ Devens, Captain White, John Pigeon, Doctor Warren, and Colonel Heath.

COMMITTEE OF SUPPLIES. — Colonel Lincoln, David Cheever, Esquire, Mr˙ Gerry, and Mr˙ Gill.

Voted, That what Artillery Companies are formed in the Regiments, shall consist of thirty-two Privates.

Voted, That the Committee of Supplies procure the following articles, and send the same to Concord, viz: one thousand pounds of Candles, one hundred hogsheads of Salt, a suitable supply of Wooden Spoons, twenty casks of Raisins, twenty bushels of Oat Meal, one thousand five hundred yards of Russia Linen.

Two barrels of Lisbon Oil, six casks of Malaga Wine, nine casks of Lisbon Wine; these to be lodged at Stow, and all the other articles at Concord.

Voted, That Doctor Warren, Doctor Church, Mr˙ Gerry, Mr˙ Cheever, Colonel Orne, and Mr˙ Devens, make inquiry where fifteen Doctors' Chests can be got, and on what terms, and report at the next meeting.

Voted unanimously, That the Clerk of the Committee of Safety, in behalf of said Committee, sign the Letters to Colonel Warren, Colonel Ward, Colonel Mitchell, and Colonel Foster, relating to two pieces of Cannon to be put under the care of those gentlemen.

Voted unanimously, That Mr˙ John Goddard, of Brookline, be Wagon Master for the Army, and that Captain White inform him of his choice by the Province.

Voted. That Mr˙ Pigeon, Captain White, and Mr˙ Watson, be a Committee to consider how many Couriers shall be chosen to go to the several Colonels through the Province, for returns of Militia-men, and the Minute-men, and to report what road each Courier shall go.

Voted, That eight Field-Pieces, with the Shot and Cartridges, two brass Mortars, with their Bombs, be deposited at Leicester, with Colonel Henshaw.

Voted, That these Committees adjourn to Tuesday, the 7th of March, at the house of Captain Stedman, of Cambridge, at ten o' clock.