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The several Towns in the County


Resolved, That it be recommended, and it is hereby strongly recommended to the several Towns in this County, that they immediately take effectual care to provide themselves a stock of Ammunition, double at least to that required by the Province Law, and such a quantity of Provisions as may by them respectively be thought necessary for the exigencies of the present season. And as it is of the utmost importance that husbandry should at this day be more particularly encouraged, it is earnestly recommended that the inhabitants of this County would exert themselves, as far as possible, to promote the raising such necessaries of life as may be suitable to the qualities of their respective lands.

Voted, That the several Members of this Convention be and hereby are desired to recommend to the inhabitants of their several Towns, strictly to adhere to the Resolves of the Continental and Provincial Congresses. And that they use their best endeavours to discourage riots, mobs, and all tumultuous proceedings, and that they would endeavour, as much as in them lies, to promote peace, order, and decorum, us essentially necessary for the safety of the people at this critical day.

Voted, That such of the proceedings of this Convention be published as the Falmouth Delegates shall think fit.

Voted, That this Convention be dissolved.