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Albany, New-York, Committee


Albany Committee Chamber, July 13, 1775.

The Committee of this City and County having heretofore appointed Messrs˙ Abraham Yates, Junior, Robert Yates, Abraham Ten Broeck, Jacob Cuyler, Henry Glen, Francis Nicoll, Peter Silvester, Dirck Swart, Walter Livingston, Volkert P˙ Douw, and Robert Van Rensselaer, the Deputies of this City and County, to attend the Provincial Congress, with general powers to represent this City and County; but by reason of the inconvenience attending the attendance of all the Deputies in the said Provincial Congress,

It is therefore Resolved, That for the future the said Deputies attend the said Congress, or any four or more of their number, for the purposes aforesaid, with the same power and authority as if all the said Deputies were present.


JOHN BAY, Secretary pro tem.