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Colonel Isaac Lee to Governour Trumbull



Farmington, April 27, 1775.

HONOURED SIR: In consequence of the alarming scenes that have occurred of late, by advice of the Field Officers and others of the Fifteenth Regiment, in this Colony, I gave orders for the whole Regiment under my command to be prepared with arms and ammunition, and cartridges, and every thing necessary for the defence of the Country; and to hold themselves ready to march at the shortest notice. There appeared such a spirit of zeal in the soldiers for an immediate march, that it was with difficulty that they were prevented, until they might have orders from the Captain-General, or the General Assembly. It appeared to us to be attended with very dangerous consequences, and to have a tendency to ruin the State, to march in such independent Companies, and ought by no means to be adopted but in a case of absolute necessity. On being assured by (as we thought) good authority, that more Troops were arrived, &c˙, gave orders for one-fifth of the Regiment to meet at the parade of the First Society, on the 26th of April instant, at ten o' clock in the morning. About one hundred and twenty able-bodied men appeared, and being divided into two Companies, I led them to the choice of their officers, &c. The First Company made choice of Captain Neadiah Hooker for their Captain, and Lieutenant Peter Curtis, First Lieutenant, Sergeant David Mather, Second Lieutenant, Sergeant Amos ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ Ensign. I then led the Second Company to a choice, and they made choice of Captain Asa Bray for their Captain, Lieutenant Joseph Byington, First Lieutenant, Sergeant Amos Beecher, Second Lieutenant, Sergeant Ambrose Sloper, Ensign, &c˙, on which they were ordered to hold themselves in readiness to march when they should receive orders from the Captain-General, or the General Assembly, &c˙, and then dismissed, and desired them to attend the business of their respective farms until further orders, &c.

Certified by your Honour' s humble servant,

ISAAC LEE, JR˙, Colonel.

To the Honourable Jonathan Trumbull, Esquire, Captain-General, of His Majesty' s Troops in the Colony of Connecticut, &c.

N˙ B˙ There is also provisions contracted for — enough at least for twenty days, as also teams and carriages.