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Captain Samuel Russel Trevet


June 29, 1775.

Mr˙ Devens and Colonel Orne, appointed to draw up a Vote relative to Captain Trevet and Company, reported the following, which was accepted, viz;

Whereas, from a mistake made by one of the General Officers, Capt˙ Samuel Russell Trevet has been put under arrest, which mistake is set forth in a Certificate by order of the General; and upon examination it appears that said Trevet has approved himself a good officer, but said mistake has unhappily operated to the dispersion of his Company; therefore

Resolved, That said Captain Trevet be directed to collect his said Company as soon as possible, and then apply to this Committee in order to be commissioned.


This Committee being greatly alarmed at the danger of the Small-Pox spreading in the American Army, which, should it take place, we fear may be attended with very fatal consequences to this Colony and Continent; therefore,

Resolved, That it be earnestly recommended to the honourable Congress to take such speedy and effectual measures to prevent a communication of that very dangerous and distressing distemper from the Small-Pox Hospital to the Army, or to the inhabitants of this Colony, as to them in their wisdom may seem meet.

Whereas, sundry persons, who in the exigences of our publick affairs have been employed in the service of this Colony, are from time to time exhibiting their Accounts to this Committee in order for payment; therefore

Resolved, That said Accounts be transmitted to the honourable Congress, that this matter be taken into their consideration, and that such order pass thereon as their wisdom may dictate.