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Josiah Bartlett to New-Hampshire Committee of Safety



Philadelphia, January 24, 1776.

GENTLEMEN: The Congress ordered me to send you the sum of twelve thousand five hundred dollars, for the use of the regiment to be raised for Canada. I have agreed with Mr˙ Wheat, of Connecticut, (who carries the same sum to Connecticut,) to deliver it to you, or to Colonel Gilman, the Treasurer, at Exeter, for which he is to have thirty-six dollars, which you will please to pay him, and take his receipt; which receipt you will enclose to me, that I may receive the same out of the Continental Treasury, as the money is to be sent on the cost of the Continent.

I am, gentlemen, yours,

Josiah Bartlett.

To the Provincial Committee of Safety, or Nicholas Gilman, Esq˙, Colony Treasurer.

P˙ S. As I was not certain whether the President had sent you the resolves of Congress of the 17th, I have enclosed them. The ten shillings mentioned, is this currency, equal to eight shillings, L˙ M.

J˙ B.