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Instructions to the Committees


The Committee directed to prepare Instructions to the Committee who were appointed to procure Powder from the Counties of Worcester and Hampshire, reported. The Report was accepted, and is as follows, viz:

To the several Towns in the County of HAMPSHIRE, on the easterly side of CONNECTICUT River, and the Towns in the County of WORCESTER:

This Congress, taking into their most serious consideration the great want of Powder in our publick magazines, and considering how much depends on that important and most necessary article, which, under God, if provided, may prove the salvation of America; and as your Towns lie the least exposed to the ravages of our enemy; therefore it is most earnestly recommended by this Congress to the Selectmen of each Town and District in the County of Worcester, that they deliver the whole of the Town stock of Powder, in said County of Worcester, to John Caldwell, esq˙, Mr˙ Amos Singletary, and Mr˙ Israel Nichols, or either of them, a Committee appointed by this Congress to receive the same, except so much as is allowed to be kept in each Town, which will appear by the Schedule hereunto annexed; and that it be replaced as soon as the state of the Colony magazines will admit thereof, or otherwise will be paid for in money.

And it is likewise recommended to the Selectmen of each Town and District in the County of Hampshire, except those on the westerly side of Connecticut River, to deliver the respective Town stocks of Powder to Mr˙ Noah Goodman, who is appointed by this Congress to receive the same from the County of Hampshire, agreeable to the annexed Schedule. Therefore

Resolved, That the said Committees appointed by this Congress to collect the Powder from the Counties of Worcester and Hampshire, be directed to give a receipt to the Selectmen of such Towns as they shall receive Powder from, in the form following:

"The ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ day of ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙, 1775.

"Received of A˙ B˙, Selectmen of the Town of ˙ ˙ ˙ ˙, the Town stock of Powder, containing ˙ ˙ ˙ weight, to the use of the Massachusetts-Bay, which Powder is to be replaced again as soon as the state of the Colony magazine will admit of it, or paid for in money."

And the Committee appointed to receive the Powder are hereby severally empowered and directed to employ such Wagoners or Teamsters as shall be necessary, with great despatch to convey the same to the Committee of Supplies; for which service said Wagoners and Teamsters, when they have delivered said Powder to the Committee of Supplies, and shall produce a certificate from either of the Committee-men appointed to collect said Powder, setting forth the sum agreed for the conveyance of said Powder, then the Committee of Supplies shall give orders to the Receiver-General of the Colony for the sum so agreed


for to be paid in cash, and the Receiver-General is hereby directed to pay the same accordingly.

The Schedule is as follows, viz:

Towns' Names. Town' s Stock of Powder. Supplied already. To be left in Town.
Worcester, 2 1/2 barrels, 1 barrel, 1/2 barrel,
Lancaster, 2 1/2 barrel, 1 barrel, 1/2 barrel,
Mendon, 5 1/2 barrel, 2 barrel, 1/2 barrel,
Brookfield, 6 barrel, 3 barrel, 1/2 barrel,
Oxford, 3 1/2 barrel, 1 barrel, 1/2 barrel,
Charlton, 1 2/3 barrel, 1/2 barrel, 1/4 barrel,
Sutton, 4 1/2 barrel,   1/2 barrel,
Leicester, 2 barrel, 1 barrel, 1/2 barrel,
Spencer, 1/2 barrel,   1/4 barrel,
Paxton,     1/2 barrel,
Rutland,     1/2 barrel,
Oakham,     1/4 barrel,
Hubbardston,     1/2 barrel,
New-Braintree, 1 barrel,   1/2 barrel,
Southborough, 1 3/4barrel,   1/2 barrel,
Northborough, 2 barrel, 1 barrel, 1/2 barrel,
Shrewsbury, 5 barrel,   1/2 barrel,
Lunenburgh, 2 barrel,   1/2 barrel,
Fitchburg,     1/4 barrel,
Uxbridge, 2 barrel,   1/2 barrel,
Harvard, 2 1/3barrel,   1/2 barrel,
Dudley,     1/2 barrel,
Hutchinson, 2 barrel, 1/2 barrel, 1/2 barrel,
Bolton, 2 barrel,   1/2 barrel,
Upton, 1 3/4barrel,   1/4 barrel,
Sturbridge, 3 1/2barrel,   1/2 barrel,
Leominster, 1 barrel,   1/2 barrel,
Hardwick, 2 barrel,   1/2 barrel,
Western,     1/4 barrel,
Holden, 1/2 barrel,   1/4 barrel,
Douglass,     1/4 barrel,
Grafton, 2 1/2barrel,   1/2 barrel,
Petersham, 3 barrel,   1/2 barrel,
Royalston,     1/4 barrel,
Westminster, 1/2 barrel,   1/4 barrel,
Athol,     1/4 barrel,
Templeton, 2 barrel,   1/2 barrel,
Princeton, 1 1/2barrel,   1/4 barrel,
Ashburnham,     1/2 barrel,
Winchendon,     1/4 barrel,
Westborough, 3 barrel, 1/2 barrel, 1/2 barrel,
Northbridge,     1/4 barrel,
Springfield, 1 1/4barrel,   1/4 barrel,
Willbraham, 1 barrel,   1/4 barrel,
Hadley, 3/4 barrel,   1/4 barrel,
South Hadley, 1 1/4barrel,   1/4 barrel,
Amherst,     1/4 barrel,
Granby, 1/2 barrel,   1/4 barrel,
Montague,     1/4 barrel,
Northfield, 1/2 barrel,   1/4 barrel,
Brimfield 1 barrel,   1/4 barrel,
South-Brimfield,     1/4 barrel,
Monson, 1/2 barrel,   1/4 barrel,
Pelham,     1/4 barrel,
Palmer,     1/4 barrel,
New Salem, 1 barrel,   1/4 barrel,
Belchertown, 1 barrel,   1/4 barrel,
Warwick, 1 barrel,   1/4 barrel,
Shutesbury,     1/4 barrel,