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March 19


Met again by adjournment from yesterday.

Present: the same as yesterday, except Mr˙ Wales, ill with the gout; and P˙ M˙, added, his Honour the Deputy-Governour.

Mr˙ Babcock, of New-Haven, came in, &c˙, and moved sundry things; among others, put in a Memorial praying liberty to erect a Powder-Mill, in behalf of Jeremiah Atwater, Isaac Doolittle, David Austin, and himself, and promising immediately to set about and finish it for the purpose of manufacturing Gunpowder. And on consideration is granted to be erected at New-Haven, with condition and expectation that the matter be pursued and perfected with all possible despatch.

(Copy of substance gave Mr˙ Doolittle, May 2, 1776.)

And the time, very busily spent in preparing Orders, Letters, &c˙, to the Colonels of the seven Regiments before mentioned, from whom men were yesterday directed to be drafted for the New-York expedition, &c˙, and many preparations to set forward that affair, till about four o' clock, P˙ M.


Those things were despatched by Mr˙ Lane, of Killingworth, with orders to carry and send and deliver to whom directed, &c.

The matter of Colonel Dyer and Colonel Williams, the expediency of their going to Philadelphia, &c˙, taken up, and again discoursed largely: The Deputy-Governour not present before, heartily approves it, and all present remain of the same opinion, &c˙ Colonel Doolittle objects, &c˙, and I am not willing, &c˙ And considered and advised that the Governour will please to propose proper instructions, &c˙, and lay them before the next meeting, &c.

Mr, Waters, one of the Engineers, came in, and discoursed about the matter of the Fortifications at New-London, &c˙, and urges to be excused from that service, from an apprehension that Colonel Mott and he should not agree, &c˙, &c˙, but are not willing to release him, but advise that he go down directly, and assist in the best manner, &c˙, &c.

Adjourned till Friday next.