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Letter from the Committee of Tryon County


TRYON COUNTY COMMITTEE CHAMBER, November 7, 1775. — Sir: In conformity to your last letters, of the 18th and 19th of Octoter last, we voted at this, our Assembly, two new Delegates for our Provincial Congress, thinking them sufficient in number to represent there our Country; but by majority of the voles of the freeholders assembled, the choice fell again upon your person to remain in that office, being Hitherto we' ll contented with your service. And with you, Isaac Paris was chosen as another member on that purpose. We shall be not oblivious to satisfy your request in regard to your stay at New-York. Please to despatch us the commissions for our Militia, and to procure us answers front the Congress concerning our voting of a sheriff, and the dangerous crew in and about Johnstown, who, under thg authority of Sir John Johnson, increase and behave actually in opposition, to make use of our County Jail for our wants. The Indian, William Johnsan, is again here, in the Canajoharie castle, and brags very boldly of his hostilo acts; publickly damneth the Committee, and threatened them to kill every member, and also to burn and destroy the settlements along the Mohawk river and its neighbourhood, yet before the fall. Pray lay these before the honourable Congress, and procure us with, speed their opinions or orders about those dangerous circumstances. You will thereby oblige the whole County, and in particular, sir, your friends and humble servants. By order of the Committee;

Ebenezer Cox, Chairman, P˙ T.

Mr˙ John Moore.

P˙ S. As the Congress is dissolved, we shall have soon a new election of Committees for our County. Please, therefore, immediately to send up your account of your demand against the Committee if you have any, to settle and examine the same before our dissolution.