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Condemn the conduct of Captain Coulson


Thursday, March 9, 1775.

Met, according to adjournment.

Whereas, for the information of the inhabitants of the remote Towns of this County, several of the Members thereof are desirous of knowing the circumstances that attend the importation of certain Goods which have arrived in the harbour of Falmouth, from Bristol, since the first of February last,

Voted, That Mr˙ Parsons, Clerk of the Committee of Inspection for said Falmouth, be desired to attend on this Convention, with the proceedings of said Committee respecting said Goods.

Mr˙ Parsons accordingly attended with said proceedings, which being read, Voted, That Captain Thomas Coulson, the Importer of said Goods, be desired to attend on this Convention.

Voted, That a Committee of three persons wait on Captain Coulson, to desire his attendance.

Voted, That Mr˙ Isley, Col˙ Mitchel, and Col˙ Thompson, be of this Committee.

Captain Coulson accordingly attended, and being asked for a manifest of the cargo brought for him by a vessel which lately arrived from Bristol, he presented to this Convention a manifest of two hogsheads of Lines and sundry Rigging, Sails, and Stores for a new Ship lately built by him in this place, which he said was the original and only account he had received of said cargo. Being then interrogated whether he intended to send the same back to Bristol, agreeable to the opinion of the Committee of Inspection for the Town of Falmouth, he answered, that he would send back the vessel with the two hogsheads of Lines, (when the vessel was repaired,) but that he could not send back the Rigging, Sails, and Stores, as he wanted them for his new Ship, which, he said, he could not send home without, but that he was willing to let the vessel lay in the habour with the said Rigging, Sails, and Stores on board, until the sitting of the Provincial Congress.


Said Coulson was then asked whether he would send back the said Vessel and Stores to Bristol, if it should be the opinion of the said Congress that he ought so to do. He answered that he would, if they would put him in a way to get his said new Ship home; but that otherwise he could not do it.

Captain Coulson was likewise asked whether the articles contained in the said manifest were all the vessel brought. He answered that there was nothing else on board said vessel; that nothing had been taken out of her but a bed belonging to one of the sailors, and that nothing should be taken out till he had the opinion of the Provincial Congress.

Then adjourned to the Library Chamber, three o' clock, P˙M.

Three o' clock, P˙M.

Met, according to adjournment.

After a full consideration of the foregoing matter respecting Captain Coulson, it appears to this Convention that the importation of the aforegoing Rigging, Sails, and Stores, is a violation of the Continental Association. And whereas the said Committee of Inspection have given it as their opinion, that the same ought forthwith to be sent back, without breaking any of the packages thereof; therefore,

Voted, (by a majority of twenty-three to three,) That this Convention do highly approve of the proceedings of said Committee, and we do earnestly request that said Committee would pursue every measure recommended by the Association of the Continental Congress for putting into execution the several articles thereof.