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Proceedings of the Committee for the County of Balitmore


At a meeting of the Committee, on Monday, the 20th, adjourned till Wednesday, February 23, 1775:

Present: Samuel Purviance, Chairman, James Sterrett, William Spear, George Woolsey, John Merryman, William Smith, John Smith.

Captain Mason, of the Brig Nabby, from Salem, New-England, appeared, and reported, on oath, that he has imported in said vessel about fifty casks of Rum, twenty casks of Molasses, and two casks of women' s Shoes of American manufacture; and further made oath that he imported no Tea for sale.

Captain William Jones, of the Schooner Nancy, from Santa-Cruz, reports, on oath, that he has imported in said vessel seven casks of Sugar and twenty-four casks of Coffee and, further, that he hath not imported in said vessel any India Tea or any Goods of British manufacture, for sale.


At a meeting of the Committee of Observation, at Baltimore, March 6, ante-meridiem:

Present: William Smith, Deputy Chairman, James Calhoun, John Smith, George Woolsey, Francis Sanderson, Mark Alexander, Mayberry Helms, Job Garretson, George Lindenberger, Jeremiah T˙ Chase, Andrew Buchanan, John Merryman, William Buchanan, Robert Alexander.

Captain William Moat, of the Brig Sally, from Bristol, appeared before the Committee, and reported his cargo, on oath, consisting of one hundred tons of British Salt, and twenty-four indented Servants. The Captain further reports, that he took in his Salt before the 12th day of December, and on or about that day he fell down the river with his vessel to a place called Rowland-Ferry, there to take in his Servants; that he continued there until the 23d, and sailed from King' s Road the 24th of December.

Captain George Southward, of the Schooner Hope, from Salem, appeared, and reported, on oath, his cargo, consisting of Ruin, Coffee, and Chocolate.

Captain Thorndike Deland, of the Schooner Sally, from Salem, appeared, and reported his cargo, on oath, consisting of New-England Rum.

Same day, post-meridiem:

Present: Andrew Buchanan, Chairman, Thomas Sollers, William MeCubbin, Benjamin Nicholaon, Darby Lux, Edward Talbot, Edward Towson, Job Garretson, Jehu Buck, Benjamin Buck, Thomas Grist, Sen˙, Mayberry Helms, Moses Gallaway, Samuel Owings, Jun˙, Richard Cromwell, Thomas Rutter, Jesse Bussey, Charles Ridgely, Jun˙, William Goodwin, Archibald Buchanan, John Merryman, Richard Moale, Jeremiah Townley Chase, William Smith, James Calhoun, Benjamin Griffith, William Spear, John Smith, John Welsh, George Woolsey, Hercules Courtenay, Isaac Grist, Thomas Harrisou, Samuel Purviance, Jun˙, John Boyd, George Lindenberger, David McMechen, Mordecai Grist, Philip Hogers, William Buchanan, Robert Alexander, Francis Sanderson, James Gittings.

On motion made by Doctor John Stevenson, to whom Captain Moat' s vessel and cargo were addressed, that he might have liberty from the Committee to land the said cargo of Salt alleging it ought only to be considered as ballast, and was not intended to be prohibited by the Association of the Continental Congress, the Committee took into consideration the state of the said Brig Sally, Captain William Moat,

Resolved, unanimously, That the Salt imported in the said Brig be not landed.