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Message from the Governour


The Honourable Theodore Atkinson came from the Board and delivered the following written Message from his Excellency:

Mr˙ Speaker and Gentlemen of the Assembly:

The Speaker, Mr˙ Gidding, and Mr˙ Langdon, three of your Members, came to me last evening as a Committee from the House, desiring a short adjournment. I am always disposed to show every indulgent regard in my power to the wishes of the House; but when I consider what uneasiness prevails at present among your constituents, of which I dare say you are not insensible, and that they must look to your counsels for relief from their fears and jealousies, I think it my duty to recommend to you to consider the matter, and if you should be of opinion that you will better consult the interests of your constituents by continuing to sit, I doubt not but your own private concerns will readily give way to the publick welfare.


New-Hampshire Council Chamber,
May 6, 1775.