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March 22


At a meeting of the Governour and Council of Safety, Friday, March 22, 1776, by adjournment from Tuesday; Present:

His Honour the Governour, Hon˙ Deputy-Governour Grisuold, Jabez Huntington, Esq˙, William Williams, Jedediah Elderkin, Joshua West, and Benjamin Huntington, Esquires.

A Letter from Colonel Talcot who is ordered to New-York, &c˙, showing his insuperable difficulties respecting Guns, and want of marching money, &c.

Voted, That Mr˙ Hosmer furnish Colonel Talcott, for the use of his Regiment, with such number of Guns and Bayonets, which he had procured for the Colony, as shall be found indispensably necessary for them, being bound in an expedition to New-York, to assist in defending that place until General Washington can arrive, &c˙ and a Letter sent him, enclosing the above, &c˙, informing that Colonel Fitch is ordered, to provide for the march or passage, and if money is necessary, to advance or borrow, as there is none in the Treasury, &c.

Allowed an Account of Sims Edgerton, Jail-keeper at Norwich,for keeping Dr˙ Church.

From 24th November to 22d March, is seven teen weeks, at eight Shillings, £6 16 0
Seven and a half loads of Wood, at six Shillings, 2 5 0
Guarding the Jail forty-seven days, at three Shillings, 7 1 0
Providing, paying, and finding two Sentries, forty-seven nights, at six Shillings, 14 2 0
  £30 4 0

Allowed an Account of Seth Miner, for building a Yard and Pickets about Norwich Jail, to secure Dr˙ Church, according to the order of Congress, &c˙, amounting to nineteen Pounds thirteen Shillings and ten Pence. (An Order given for both.)

Voted, That his Honour the Governour be desired to direct the Sheriff of New-London County, not to suffer Dr˙ Church to go abroad, nor out of close prison, more than once in each week, and that with the Sheriffs own personal attendance, until further orders.

Voted, That Eliphalet Dyer and William Williams, Esquires, be a Committee fully authorized and empowered to move the Convention of the Colony of New-York, or, in their absence, the Committee or Council of Safety, for the loan of such a number and size of Cannon as they can spare without detriment; to urge the necessity of such a measure, and to secure the return of the value thereof in behalf of this Colony; when obtained, forthwith to forward them, and make report to the Governour and Council of Safety accordingly.

Voted, That Eliphalet Dyer and William Williams, Esquires, be a Committee to confer with the Commander-in-Chief at New-York, concerning the necessity of the two Connecticut Battalions, under command of Colonels Water-bury and Ward, continuing in service, and also of the two


Militia Regiments lately ordered, and concert proper measures relative to both; and to consult the two Colonels named in the circumstances of their respective Regiments; to direct and order them, if need be, to continue in the service till advice can be received from the Continental Congress, and conform themselves to such orders as shall be received; otherwise to order them as emergency do require, as well as the two Militia Battalions; and report to the Governour and Council accordingly.

Voted, That Eliphalet Dyer and William Williams, Esquires, be a Committee to repair to Philadelphia, to apply to the honourable Continental Congress for a remittance of Continental Bills for this Colony; to give their receipts, and forward and deliver to the Treasurer of the Colony the sum received on its behalf; to urge the necessity and expediency of such a supply; to inform of the state and number of the Continental Battalions in Continental service, and especially of those lately sent to New-York; also, to show the number and circumstances, and ask directions concerning the Prisoners of various denominations in this Colony, and make report to the Governour and Council accordingly.

Voted, That Eliphalet Dyer and William Williams, Esquires, be a Committee to repair to Philadelphia, to confer with our Delegates, and others, relative to the present state of the United Colonies; on the things needful for our defence and safety; on the subject and on the manner of treatment of the Commissioners sent from Great Britain; and to inform what they find relative to and necessary for the safety and security of New-York, and places adjacent; and make report to the Governour and Council accordingly.

Voted, That Eliphalet Dyer and William Williams, Esquires, be directed to purchase, at New-York or Philadelphia, sufficient quantity of Rigging for the Colony Ship now building, or procure Hemp sufficient to make the same, as shall appear most advantageous for this Colony, and forward the same, if in Hemp, to Mr˙ James Tilley, at New-London — if in Rigging, to Captain Uriah Hayden, at Saybrook — and give as early advice as possible of their proceedings thereon.

Voted, That Eliphalet Dyer and William Williams, Esquires, make use of so much of the Colony' s Money, that they shall receive at Philadelphia, as to pay for the Rigging or Hemp which they are ordered to purchase for the Colony Ship; and, also, pay what is due to Colonel Isaac Sears, for sundries he purchased for this Colony; take receipts for what they pay, and lodge the same with the Pay-Table, and take their order on the Treasurer, to answer so far as they pay, in lieu of lodging the money.

Voted, That Mr˙ David Trumbull, as soon as possible he can, forward what Colony Arms he has in hands to Mr˙ Joshua Huntington, in,Norwich, to be by him forwarded to New-London, to Captain John Ely, now stationed there in the Colony service, and take a proper receipt accordingly; and, also, that Colonel Williams, in like manner, deliver five Colony Arms now in his hands.

Voted, That Colonel Huntington is desired to procure four Hand-Carts to be made, for the use of the Colony Works at New-London.

Voted, That John Mills is appointed Lieutenant of the Troops employed for defence at the Fortifications at Fair-field.

Voted, That Samuel Smedley is appointed Lieutenant of Marines on board the Brig Defence, belonging to this Colony.

Voted, That the number of Men lately ordered for Guards, and building Battery at New-Haven, be augmented; that, instead of thirty, there be allowed fifty; that Captain Joseph Thompson, in the former vote appointed a Lieutenant, be a Captain of said fifty Men, with liberty of one Lieutenant for said Company, to be nominated and appointed by Colonels Dyer and Williams on their way to Philadelphia next week.

Voted, That the Guns, Barrels, and Gun-Locks, lately imported into New-Haven by Colonel Sears, be purchased (if suitable, and to be reasonably had) for the use of the Colony; and that Colonel Dyer and Colonel Williams, going that way, be desired to inquire, and make the purchase if they think advisable.


At a meeting, &C˙,Saturday, March 23, 1776, Present:

His Honour the Governour, Honourable Deputy-Governour, Colonel Jabez Huntington, William Williams, Jedediah Elderhin, and Benjamin Huntington, Esquires.

Voted, That Captain Theophilus Stanton of Stonington, be, and he is, appointed Captain of the Row-Galley building at Norwich.

Voted, That the Men raised, inlisted, and stationed on the Sea-Coasts of this Colony for defence, through the ensuing season, who shall find and equip themselves with good and sufficient Fire-Arms and Accoutrements, causing them to be appraised, shall be allowed three Shillings for the use of each Gun; and, if lost, spoiled, or damaged in the service, by inevitable Providence, the owner to be paid the value of such loss or damage sustained.

Voted, That his Honour be desired to direct the Committee of the Lead-Mine at Middletown, as soon as may be, to forward one ton of said Lead to Mr˙ Nathaniel Shaw, of New-London, for the use of the Colony, as the Governour shall order.

Voted, That Elijah Backus, Esq˙, be employed and desired, as soon as may be, to work and manufacture two Ship-Anchors, of twelve hundred weight each, for the use of the Colony.

Voted, That the Row-Galley building at New-Haven be called the Whiting. And sundry Letters prepared, Copies, &c˙ And dismissed.