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The Report of the Committee for considering a more expeditious method of settling Accounts, after debate had thereon, and amendment made, passed as follows:

Whereas an attention, to the more important affairs of the Government, in the present times of difficulty and distress, renders it impracticable for this House to receive and examine the numerous Accounts now daily exhibited against


the Government, agreeable to the mode heretofore usually practised; and the payment thereof may be greatly delayed, to the detriment of individuals as well as the community:

Therefore, Resolved, That Col˙ Porter, Nathan Cushing, Esquire, Mr˙ Wood, Mr˙ Durfee, Mr˙ Watson, Major Brooks, and Captain Stone, be, and they hereby are appointed a Committee, until the further order of this House, to receive, examine, and, in behalf of this House, finally pass upon all Accounts, not otherwise committed, which shall be presented to them for payment of services done, and articles bought, by order of Congress or the General Court, and properly vouched; and the doings of said Committee shall be considered as valid as any vote or resolve of the House, touching said Accounts. And said Committee, or any four of them, who are hereby appointed a quorum, are directed to open an office, and advertise the publick thereof, and of this Resolve, that the business may be constantly attended and effectually performed.

And said Committee are further directed to keep in a book a true copy of all Accounts which shall be passed by them, and sent to the Board for concurrence and payment; and to cause the same to be laid before the House, for perusal and inspection, once, or oftener, in each session, as the House shall judge necessary.

Also, Resolved, That the Secretary be, and he hereby is directed to keep such Accounts as shall be passed by such Committee, and in consequence thereof concurred and ordered to be paid by the honourable Board, in separate files.

Also, Resolved, That the honourable Board be, and they hereby are empowered, in the recess of the General Court, to concur and order payment for Accounts which shall have been passed by the Committee aforesaid, as effectually as if the General Court had been then sitting.