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Application by the Mayor for Permission to Francis Stephens


A Letter from General Schuyler, dated New-York, June 29, 1775, was read.


Mr˙ Mayor attending at the door, was called in, and informed the Congress that Mr˙Francis Stephens, the King' s Storekeeper in this City, had applied to his Excellency Governour Tryon, declaring his apprehensions that the Stores at Turtle-Bay are not in a state of safety, and his inclination to remove them. That the Governour had expressed to the Mayor his wish and inclination, that Mr˙ Stephens might, at his own expense, be permitted to remove those Stores without tumult or opposition, and put them on board a vessel; and that Mr˙ Mayor now applies to this Congress for their countenancing that measure.

And thereupon, Ordered, That an offer be made to the Mayor, that this Congress will (if it be agreeable to Government) request Major General Schuyler to keep a sufficient command at Turtle-Bay to guard the King' s Stores which are now there; and that in case the said offer be accepted of, and such guard can be obtained, the said Stores be delivered into their care by inventory; and that in such case this Congress will be accountable for the re-delivery of the said Stores when the present unhappy commotions in North America shall be at an end.

Ordered, That one of the Secretaries wait on his Worship the Mayor, and serve him with a copy of the foregoing Order.