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From the Merchants of London


Thursday, November 23, 1775.

Ordered, That Mr˙ Robinson have leave to make a motion, it being after ten of the clock.


And he moved the House accordingly: and presented to the House a Petition of the Merchants of London, subscribers thereunto, in behalf of themselves and others, concerned in the commerce and fisheries at Newfoundland, Nova-Scotia, Island of St˙ John' s, River St˙ Lawrence, Coast of Labrador, and places adjacent, from the several Ports of London, Liverpool, Weymouth, Topsham, Limpston, Ermouth, and Tinmouth.

And the said Petition was read, setting forth, That the Petitioners, during the present year, have suffered very great inconvenience and loss in carrying on their trade and fisheries at Newfoundland, and places adjacent, by their usual resources of bread, flour, and other necessaries, being totally interrupted by the unhappy differences between Great Britain and her American Colonies: and that although the present price of corn leaves the exportation of bread and flour entirely open, and seems to make this application unnecessary; yet, as the price of both may advance so that the prohibition may again take place, the Petitioners may thereby sustain much loss and disappointment in their business, unless a timely and proper relief is provided by the House, in case of such exigency; and that, as the quantity of bread, flour, peas, and other provisions, allowed to be exported from certain ports in this kingdom to Newfoundland, under the Act of the fourteenth of his present Majesty, will not be a sufficient supply to carry on the trade and fisheries while an interruption continues in their supplies from America, the Petitioners cannot pursue their business, unless they have liberty to export, under certain limitations and restrictions, a sufficient quantity of bread, flour, pease, grout, oatmeal, and other necessaries; and as confining the export to particular persons and districts has been found injurious in a general commercial view, the Petitioners hope that the House will think it expedient to allow the exportation of the necessary articles to be extended to any port or ports in Great Britain, where they may be able to obtain them upon the most reasonable and convenient terms; and therefore praying the House to take the premises into consideration, and grant such relief therein as to the House shall seem meet.

Ordered, That the Petition be referred to the consideration of the Committee of the Whole House, to whom it is referred to consider of the Petition of the Merchants and Traders of the Town and County of Pooh; and also the Petition of the Merchants of Dartmouth, in the County of Devon, engaged in, and carrying on, a trade and fishery to and at the Island of Newfoundland; and also the Petition of the Merchants trading to the West-Indies, whose names are thereunto subscribed, on behalf of themselves and others; and also the Petition of several Merchants and Traders within the City of Chester, trading to Newfoundland.