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Adress to the Oneidas and Tuscaroras



On the 28th of June, 1775, the Oneidas and Tuscaroras assembled at the German Flats, where they were met by the inhabitants of that District, and the Delegates from Albany. The inhabitants of the Flats delivered to them the following Speech:

Brothers: We are glad to have you here to return you thanks. We should have been much pleased to have spoken with you at the appointed place; that is, by your Superintendent, where of late you kept your council fire; but since his removing so far from us, we do not think it wrong or imprudent to communicate our sentiments of peace to you here. It is at this place, brothers, it has often been done, and here again we renew it, and brighten the old chain of peace and brotherly love.

Brothers: We cannot see the cause of your late council fire, or Superintendent, going away from among us. We did him no harm, and you well know that none of us ever did, and you may depend on it there was no such thing meant against him. He told our people he was going up to Thompson' s ( Cosby' s Manor) to hold a council fire with our brothers, the Five Nations there. We helped him to provisions to support you there, and every thing we had that he wanted. But he is going away from among us, and told some of our people that he would come back with company which would not please us; which, if true, it is certain his intentions are bad; and he may depend, that whatever force he may or can bring, we regard not.

Brothers: Our present meeting does not arise from any unfriendly thoughts we entertain of you, or from any fear of ourselves. It is purely on account of the old friendship which has so long been kept up between us; that friendship we want to maintain. It is that friendship which will be an equal benefit to us. It is as much wanted on your side as oars,

Brothers: We cannot too much express our satisfaction of your conduct toward us, by your late proceedings with the Superintendent, at the carrying place, for which we are also obliged to you, and do not doubt but that your conduct will be blessed with greater benefits than any other of those who will hurry themselves into mischief, which can never be of any other benefit to them, but sorrow for the innocent blood that may be shed on an occasion where with they have no concern. We look to you, particularly, to be men of more understanding than others, by the benefits you have received in learning; wherefore we confide and trust the more freely in you, that you can communicate to the other Tribes and Nations the errour they want to lead you into; and cannot doubt but your wisdom and influence with the other Nations will be attended with that happy success which will hereafter be a blessing to you and your posterity.

Brothers: What we have said is supposed to be sufficient to convince you that our meaning is for our joint peace and friendship, in which we hope that we and our children may continue to the end of time.