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Ethan Allen to the Merchants of Montreal



St˙ John' s, May 18, 1775:

GENTLEMEN: I have the pleasure to acquaint you that Lakes George and Champlain, with the fortresses, artillery, &c˙, particularly the armed sloop of George the Third, with all water carriages of these Lakes, are now in possession of the Colonies. I expect the English Merchants, as well as all virtuous disposed gentlemen, will be in the interest of the Colonies. The advanced guard of the Army is now at St˙ John' s, and desire immediately to have a personal intercourse with you. Your immediate assistance as to provisions, ammunition, and spirituous liquors, is wanted and forthwith expected, not as a donation, for I am empowered by the Colonies to purchase the same; and I desire you would forthwith, and without further notice; prepare for the use of the Army those articles to the amount of five hundred Pounds, and deliver the same to me at St˙ John' s, or at least a part of it almost instantaneously, as the soldiers press on faster than provisions. I need not inform you that my directions from the Colonies are not to contend with, or any way injure or molest the Canadians or Indians; but, on the other hand, treat them with the greatest friendship and kindness. You will be pleased to communicate the same to them, and some of you immediately visit me at this place, while others are active in delivering the provisions.

I write in haste, and am, gentlemen, your obedient humble servant,


To Mr˙ James Morrison and the Merchants that are friendly to the cause of liberty in Montreal.