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Message from the Council


The other Order of the Day being read:

Resolved, That this House will, to-morrow, resolve itself into a Committee of the whole House, to take into consideration the Governour' s Speech.

A Message from the Council by Mr˙ Blair:

Mr˙ SPEAKER: The Council have directed me to lay before this House a copy of their proceedings upon a report which had prevailed, relative to the Marines and Sailors belonging to His Majesty' s Ship the Fowey. And he presented the same at the bar.

And then the Messenger withdrew.

The said copy of the Council' s Proceedings was read, and is as followeth, viz:

It having been reported that the Marines and Sailors


belonging to His Majesty' s Ship the Fowey, were expected to be at the Palace this day, by the Governour' s order, and that the people of the City of Williamsburgh, and Counties adjoining, were greatly alarmed thereat, and were determined to attack the said Marines and Sailors if they should come, it was ordered, that Richard Corbin and Robert Carter, Esquires, wait on his Excellency, in the name of the Council, to desire he would be pleased to give orders for stopping them, and thereby prevent the great calamity which was otherwise likely to ensue. Richard Corbin, Esquire, reported, that the gentlemen appointed had, according to order, waited on the Governour, who appeared to be astonished at the report which had prevailed; assured them that he had given no orders for the Marines or Sailors, nor did he know of its being intended by any body to send them to the Palace, and that in case of any such design he would send to prevent it.

Ordered, That the thanks of this House be given to the Council, for laying a copy of their Proceedings before the House upon the report relative to the Marines and Sailors belonging to His Majesty' s Ship the Fowey, and that Mr˙ Cary, and Mr˙ Charles Carterof Lancaster, do acquaint the Council therewith.

Ordered, That Captain James Innis, of the Volunteer Company of the City of Williamsburgh, be desired to employ any number of men that he shall think sufficient, to guard the publick Magazine in this City, until such time as the House shall direct the guard to be discontinued, and that Mr˙ Braxton do acquaint him therewith.