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Letter from the New-York Congress to the Agents at Albany


In Provincial Congress, New-York, June 29, 1775.

GENTLEMEN: We have received a letter from Mr˙ Elisha Phelps of the 22d instant, informing us that, in the absence of Mr˙ Bleecker, he was refused the Provisions and Stores left in his custody, and designed for the Troops at Lake Champlain, &c. You will perceive by the enclosed copy of an order of the Continental Congress, that the appointment of Commissary in that department is left to the disposal of that Government, or the General of the Forces of Connecticut. And it appears to us, by a letter from Governour Trumbull, dated the 19th instant, that Mr˙ Phelps is appointed Commissary, and that he doubts not he will conduct with prudence and good satisfaction; that he had directed him to correspond with Colonel Hinman, to employ persons already engaged, especially George Palmer, Esq. You will please, therefore, to deliver up to him or his order all the supplies of Provisions and Stores in your hands and custody for the said Forces, and take his receipt for every thing you deliver him; and send us an account of all such Stores as you have issued to the Troops, or shall deliver to the said Commissary, and your account of expenses to this time.

To the Commissaries at Albany, appointed By the Provincial Congress.