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Proceedings of the Committee for the County of Balitmore


At a meeting of the Committee, on Monday, September 11, 1775: Present, Mr˙ Samuel Purviance, Chairman, and eleven Members.

Captain Thomas Egger reported his vessel, the Ship Charlotte, from Newcastle, upon Delaware, subscribed, and swore.

Application having been made to this Committee by Mr˙ James Woodfield, on behalf of the Committee of Pittsburgh, for four hundred pounds of Lead,

It was Resolved, That Mr˙ John Smith supply with Lead, out of the quantity stored with him, and if there should not be that quantity in his possession, the remainder to be delivered by Mr˙ James Calhoun.

Mr˙ Samuel Purviance reported to the Committee, that the Vessel particularized in his Memorial, was lost when coming round from Philadelphia to this Town.

The charge against Mr˙ Robert Long was postponed till some future meeting of this Committee.