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Council of War



At a Council of War, held at Head-Quarters, October 18,1775:

Present, his Excellency General Washington; Major-Generals Ward, Lee, Putnam; Brigadier-Generals Thomas, Heath, Sullivan, Greene, Gates.

The General acquainted the Members of the Council, that he had called them together in consequence of an intimation from the Congress, that an attack upon Boston, if practicable, was much desired. That he therefore desired their opinions on the subject.

General GATES. — That under the present circumstances it is improper to attempt it.

General GREENE. — That it is not practicable, under all circumstances; but if ten thousand men could be landed at Boston, thinks it is.

General SULLIVAN. — That at this time it is improper. The winter gives a more favourable opportunity.

General HEATH. — Impracticable at present.

General THOMAS. — Of the same opinion.

General PUTNAM. — Disapproves of it at present.

General LEE. — Is not sufficiently acquainted with the men to judge; therefore thinks it too great a risk.

General WARD. — Against it.