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A Conference held at Wyoming


A Conference held at WYOMING, or WESTMORELAND, between Captain JOHN, in behalf of the SIX NATIONS, and Colonel BUTLER, of the Colony of CONNECTICUT.

Captain John: Brothers, we come to make you a visit, and let you know we were at the treaty at Oswego, with Colonel Guy Johnson. We are all of one mind; we are friends, and bring good news.

Brothers, we are also come to let you know the Six Nations have been something afraid, but are now glad to see all things look like peace, and they think there will be no quarrel with each other, and you must not believe bad reports, or remember times that have been bad or unfriendly.

Brothers, all our spirits are of one colour, why should we not be of one mind? — continue, to be brothers as our fathers and grandfathers were?

Brothers, we hope and desire you may hold what liberties and privileges you now enjoy.

Brothers, we are sorry to hear two brothers are fighting with each other, and should be glad to hear the quarrel was peaceably settled. We choose not to interest ourselves on either side. The quarrel appears to be unnecessary. We do not well understand it. We are for peace.

Brothers, when our young men come to hunt in your neighbourhood, you must not imagine they come to do mischief; they come to procure themselves provisions, also skins to purchase them clothing.

Brothers, we desire that Wyoming may be a place appointed where the great men may meet, and have a fire, which shall ever afterwards be called Wyomick, when you shall judge best, to prevent any jealousies or uneasy thoughts that may arise, and thereby preserve our friendship.

Brothers, you see but one of our chiefs. You may be suspicious on that account, but we assure you this chief speaks in the name of the Six Nations. We are of one mind.

Brothers, what we say is not from the lips, but from the heart. If any Indians of little note should speak otherwise, you must pay no regard to them, but observe what has been said and wrote by the chiefs, which may be depended on.

Brothers, we live at the head of these waters, (Susquehanna.) Pay no regard to any reports that may come up the stream or any other way, but look to the head of the waters for truth, and we do now assure you, as long as the waters run, so long you may depend on our friendship. We are all of one mind, and we are all for peace.