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Letter from Daniel Tillinghast to General Washington


Providence, July 17, 1776.

Invoice of two cases containing seventy-five Scotch arms, &c˙, sent by Joseph Bradford, from Daniel Tillinghast, of Providence, to Nathaniel Shaw, Esq˙, at New London, and by him to be forwarded to his Excellency General Washington, at New York, viz:

S A Nos˙ 8 and 9, cases of Scotch arms, viz: No˙ 8, a case containing thirty-nine arms, thirty-nine bayonets, and eleven broadswords; No˙ 9, a case containing thirty-six arms and thirty-six bayonets.

N˙ B˙ Packed in No˙ 9, thirteen brass mounted hangers, belonging to Mr˙ Greene' s invoice.

Errors excepted. Per DANIEL TILLINGHAST,
Continental Agent.

I have examined and received the within mentioned arms.

EZEKIEL CHEEVER, Com˙ Artillery.