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Soldiers Enlisting in More than One Company


The Committee appointed to consider a Resolve of the Committee of Safely, relative to Soldiers who have enlisted twice, reported. The Report was accepted, and is as follows, viz:


Whereas, many inconveniences have arisen, by reason of divers soldiers of the forces raised by this Colony enlisting a second time into other Companies than those which they first enlisted into, which ought to be remedied; therefore,

Resolved, That every soldier who, before the second day of July instant, has enlisted into other Companies than those with whom he at first enlisted, (unless the second enlistment was made with the consent of the officer with whom he at first enlisted, or by consent of the Committee of Safety, or order of Congress, in either of which cases the first enlistment shall be void,) shall return to the Company with whom he first enlisted, if requested by the commanding officer of such Company, otherwise to remain in the Company he next enlisted into; and in case any dispute shall arise whether any such second enlistment was made by consent or order as above expressed, the Committee of Safety are hereby empowered and directed fully and finally to settle and determine the same.