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Letter from Abram Davenport to Governour Trumbull



Stamford, December 8, 1775.

RESPECTED SIR: Mr˙ Selleck and Mr˙ Bates, two of my neighbours, own a vessel of about fifty tons, with which they are desirous to make voyage to the West-Indies, to carry cattle and provisions, and bring back military stores, if a permit can be obtained of your Honour for that purpose. I suppose that it is expected that Mr˙ Bates will go master, if the vessel is permitted to go. I believe he may be depended upon; and I do not know a man better calculated for the business. The vessel is said to be a prime sailer. We have but a few pounds of powder in our town stock, and I believe it will be universally agreeable to the inhabitants of our town that a permit should be granted them. At the desire of Mr˙ Bates, I write this. He informs me that Mr˙ Setteck will apply to your Honour for the permit, and will give bond, (if required,) for the faithful conduct of the master. Mr˙ Selleck is a man of considerable interest, and his bond will be quite sufficient.

I am, with the greatest esteem and respect, your Honour' s most obedient and humble servant,


Honourable Governour Trumbull.