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A Letter from General Mifflin


Tuesday, October 22, 1776.

A Letter from General Mifflin to Captain Falkner was laid before Congress and read:


Ordered, That it be referred to a Committee of three, and that they be directed to engage, and send to Head-Quarters, a skilful, active Wharf-Builder, with proper assistants:

The Members chosen, Mr˙ Morris, Mr˙ Wilson, and Mr˙ Ross.

The Committee of Treasury reported, that there is due,

To Monsieur O˙ H˙ Rouville, his servant P˙ H˙ de Beaubassin, J˙ B˙ H˙ de Rouville, Joseph de Jarlais, and Joseph and Gabriel Heiter, for their allowance from the 13th of July to the 18th of October, 1776, 186 60-90 Dollars:

That they have examined the Accounts of D˙ S˙ Franks for sundry goods supplied the Army in Canada, amounting to 3748 84-90 Dollars; of which he received a warrant of the 7th of September, for 1600 Dollars, and that there is a balance now due to him of 2148 84-90 Dollars:

That there is due to Nathan Sellers, for a Paper-Mould, Letters and Borders, 39 Dollars:

That there should be advanced to Colonel Hollingsworth, the sum of 1626 60-90ths Dollars, for supplies of Rations, and Wagons for the Virginia Battalions, from the Head-of-Elk to Chester; he to be accountable:

Ordered, That the said sums be paid.

The Board of War brought in a Report, which was taken into consideration: Whereupon,

Resolved, That General Schuyler' s application to the Eastern States, and to the State of New-York, for their Militia, is approved:

That the Resolution for sending home the Canadians be suspended till further orders:

That the Board of War order the several Prisoners, in Philadelphia, to the places of their destination, and that they write to the several Committees, who have the charge of prisoners, not to suffer them to go beyond the bounds allowed them, nor to permit any of them to come to Philadelphia, without leave first obtained from the Board of War.

Resolved, That the Commissioners going to the Court of France be directed to procure from that Court, at the expense of these United States, either by purchase or loan, eight line-of-battle Ships of 74 and 64 guns, well manned and fitted in every respect for service:

That as these Ships may be useful in proportion to the quickness with which they reach North America, the Commissioners to be directed to expedite this negotiation with all possible diligence.

Resolved, That Mrs˙ Antil, with her child and sister, Miss Golden, be permitted to go to General Mercer, who is desired to permit them to proceed to New-York, taking especial care that they carry no intelligence to the enemy.

The Secret Committee reported, that the cargo lately arrived at Portsmouth, in the Brig Marquis of Kildare, Captain Palmer, consists of the following articles, viz˙, 5000 pounds Powder, 250 Small-Arms, 100,000 Flints, 4000 yards of small Canvas, 4 to 500 Jackets, 100 Knapsacks, 100 Leggins, 80 large Rugs, 2 bales of Woollens, 1 bale of Linens, and 10 tons of Lead: Whereupon,

Resolved, That the Powder, 100 Small-Arms, 2000 Flints, part of the Canvas, 80 Rugs, and part of the Lead, be applied by the Continental Agent for the use of the Continental Frigate Rawleigh:

That 60,000 Flints be sent to General Washington:

That 38,000 Flints, 150 Small-Arms, 100 Knapsacks, 100 Leggins, and 8 tons of Lead, be sent to the Northern Army, under General Schuyler and General Gates:

That the remainder of the Canvas be made into Tents, and sent to the Northern Army:

That the Jackets, if fit for soldiers, be sent to the Northern Army; if fit for sailors, that they be distributed amongst the Continental frigates at Portsmouth and Boston:

That the two bales of Woollens be made up into soldiers' Clothes, for the Northern Army:

That the bale of Linens, if fit for soldiers' Shirts, or other purposes, for the Army, be made up, and sent to the Northern Army; if not suitable for publick use, that they be sold to the best advantage.

Mr˙ Jefferson having informed Congress that the state of his family will not permit him to accept the honour of going their Commissioner to France: Whereupon,


Resolved, That another be elected in his room. The ballots being taken, Arthur Lee, Esq˙, was elected.

Resolved, That the Committee of Secret Correspondence be directed to acquaint him of his appointment, and that his powers and instructions are lodged in Paris.

The Committee to whom was referred the Petition of Charles Roberts, brought in a Report, which was read, and disagreed to.

The several matters to this day referred being postponed,

Adjourned to ten o' clock to-morrow.