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Regulations for the Superior and other Courts


Voted, That the Justices of the Peace through this Colony, and of the several Counties within the same, be directed to try no Actions in Civil Cases until further orders of the General Assembly. That, after the first day of April next, the several Courts of General Sessions of the Peace sit in the respective Counties, at the terms heretofore appointed by law, and not before. That the Justices of the Peace make use of the same Forms in the issuing their process in Criminal Cases, as has been legal formerly. That the several Courts of Sessions at their meeting take up and determine all matters that lay unfinished by the last Court, of General Sessions held in such County.

That the Superior Court of Judicature, &c˙, and the several Inferior Courts of Common Pleas, in their respective Counties, be not opened till farther orders of the General Assembly.

That the Justices of the Peace be guided by the laws of this Colony, in determining criminal matters, till otherwise determined by the General Assembly. That the laws of this Colony, printed in the late edition thereof, originally made and passed by the legislative authority of this Colony, may at present (until a more careful revision and amendment of them) be a guide to all Executive officers of this Colony, and be considered as law, except an Act requiring persons to take an oath of allegiance, (in the first page;) all clauses respecting the Governour and Council sitting or acting as a Court of Appeals; the clause allowing an appeal to the King in case, &c˙; the Act for fixing triennial Assemblies; and an Act laying an excise on Spirituous Liquors.