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Permission Given


On the Petition of Stephen Hussey and others, of Nantucket , and Elisha Cobb and others, of Wellfleet .


Resolved, That the Petitioners abovementioned, and all others who have Vessels fitting out for the Whale Fishery, be, and they hereby are permitted to send their Vessels out on said Fishery, they taking on board no more Provisions than is necessary for said voyages, in the judgment of the Selectmen of the Towns from whence they sail, and giving bond to the Receiver-General of this Colony, in the sum of two thousand Pounds for each Vessel, that they will carry out no more Provisions than is hereby allowed; and that said Vessels, with their Cargoes, return to some Port in this Colony, and there land the same, the Ports of Boston and Nantucket excepted.

In Council September 27, 1775: Read and concurred.