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Virginia Convention



At a Convention of Delegates for the Counties and Corporations in the Colony of Virginia, at the Town of Richmond, in the County of Henrico, on Monday, the 20th of March, 1775. Present:

CITY OF WILLIAMSBURGH. — The Honourable Peyton Randolph, Esquire.

ACCOMACK COUNTY. — Isaac Smith, Esquire.

ALBEMARLE. — Thomas Jefferson and John Walker, Esquires.

AMELIA. — John Tabb and John Winn, Esquires.

AMHERST. — William Cabell, Junior, and Joseph Cabell, Esquires.

AUGUSTA. — Thomas Lewis, Samuel McDowell, and John Harvie, Esquires.

BEDFORD. — John Talbot and Charles Lynch, Esquires.

BOTETOURT. — Andrew Lewis and John Bowyer, Esquires.

BRUNSWICK. — Frederick Maclin and Henry Tazewell, Esquires.

BUCKINGHAM. — John Nicholas and Anthony Winston, Esquires.

BERKELEY. — Robert Rutherford and Adam Stephen, Esquires.

CAROLINE. — Edmund Pendleton and James Taylor, Esquires.

CHARLES CITY. — Benjamin Harrison and William Acrill, Esquires.

CHARLOTTE. — Paul Carrington and Isaac Read, Esquires.

CHESTERFIELD. — Archibald Cary and Benjamin Watkins, Esquires.

CULPEPPER. — Henry Pendleton and Henry Field, Junior, Esquires.

CUMBERLAND. — William Fleming and John Mayo, Esquires.

DINWIDDIE. — John Bannister and William Watkins, Esquires.

DUNMORE. — Jonathan Clarke, Esquire, and Peter Muhlenburg, Clerk.

ELIZABETH CITY. — Henry King and Wolrich Westwood, Esquires.

ESSEX. — James Edmondson and Meriwether Smith, Esquires.

FAIRFAX. — George Washington and Charles Broadwater, Esquires.

FAUQUIER. — Thomas Marshall and James Scott, Esquires.

FREDERICK. — Isaac Zone, Esquire, and Charles Minn Thruston, Clerk.

FINCASTLE. — William Christian, Esquire.

GLOUCESTER. — Thomas Whiting and Lewis Burwell, Esquires.

GOOCHLAND. — John Woodson and Thomas Mann Randolph, Esquires.


HALIFAX. — Nathaniel Terry and Micajah Watkins, Esquires.

HAMPSHIRE. — James Mercer, Esquire.

HANOVER. — Patrick Henry, Junior, and John Syme, Esquires.

HENRICO. — Richard Adams and Samuel Du-Val, Esquires.

JAMES CITY. — Robert C˙ Nicholas and William Norvell, Esquires.

ISLE OF WIGHT. — John S˙ Wills and Josiah Parker, Esquires.

KING GEORGE. — Joseph Jones and William Fitzhugh, Esquires.

KING AND QUEEN. — George Brooke and George Lyne, Esquires.

KING WILLIAM. — Carter Braxton, and William Aylett, Esquires.

LANCASTER. — James Selden and Charles Carter, Esquires.

LOUDOUN. — Francis Peyton and Josiah Clapham, Esquires.

LOUISA. — Thomas Johnson and Thomas Walker, Esquires.

LUNENBURGH. — Richard Claiborne and David Garland, Esquires.

MIDDLESEX. — Edmund Berkeley, Esquire.

MECKLENBURGH. — Robert Burton and Bennett Goode, Esquires.

NANSEMOND. — Lemuel Riddick and Willis Riddick, Esquires.

NEW-KENT. — Burwell Bassett and Bartholomew Dandridge, Esquires.

NORFOLK COUNTY. — Thomas Newton, Junior, and James Holt, Esquires.

NORTHUMBERLAND. — John Burton, Esquire.

NORTHUMBERLAND. — Rodham Kenner and Thomas Jones, Esquires.

ORANGE. — Thomas Barbour and James Taylor, Esquires.

PITTSYLVANIA. — Peter Perkins and Benjamin Lankford, Esquires.

PRINCE EDWARD. — Robert Lawson and John Nash, Esquires.

PRINCE GEORGE. — Richard Bland and Peter Poythress, Esquires.

PRINCESS ANNE. — William Robinson and Christopher Wright, Esquires.

PRINCE WILLIAM. — Henry Lee and Thomas Blackburn, Esquires.

RICHMOND. — Robert Wormeley Carter and Francis Lightfoot Lee, Esquires.

SOUTHAMPTON. — Edwin Gray and Henry Taylor, Esquires.

SPOTTSYLVANIA. — George Stubblefield and Mann Page, Junior, Esquires.

STAFFORD. — John Alexander and Charles Carter, Esquires.

SURRY. — Allen Cocke and Nicholas Faulcon, Junior, Esquires.

SUSSEX. — David Mason and Henry Gee, Esquires.

WARWICK. — William Langhorne, Esquire.

WESTMORELAND. — Richard Henry Lee and Richard Lee, Esquires.

YORK. — Dudley Digges and Thomas Nelson, Junior, Esquires.

JAMESTOWN. — Champion Travis, Esquire.

NORFOLK BOROUGH. — Joseph Hutchings, Esquire.

The Honourable Peyton Randolph, Esquire, was unanimously elected President of this Convention, and Mr˙ John Tazewell, Clerk thereof.

The President then recommended it to the Convention to proceed in the deliberation and discussion of the several important matters which should come before them, with that prudence, decency, and order which had distinguished their conduct on all former occasions; and laid before the Convention the proceedings of the Continental Congress, together with a letter from Benjamin Franklin, William Bollan, and Arthur Lee, Esquires, advising that the Petition to His Majesty had been presented and graciously received.

Ordered, That the consideration of the Proceedings of the Continental Congress be postponed till to-morrow.

Resolved, That the Reverend Mr˙ Selde be desired to read prayers to the Convention, every morning, at nine o' clock.


Resolved, That this Convention will observe, in their debates, the same rules and orders as are established in the House of Burgesses in this Colony.

Adjourned till to-morrow 10 o' clock.