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Colonel Arnold to Lieutenant Steel



October 13, 1775.

SIR: I have sent the bearer and another Indian to Quebeck, with letters, and must have John Hall, as he speaks French, to go to Sartigan with them, and get all the intelligence he possibly can in regard to the number of troops there, the disposition of the Canadians, and advice from General Schuyler. When he arrives at Sartigan, he must employ some Frenchman, that can be depended on, to go to Quebeck with the Indians, to deliver their letter and get an answer; for which purpose I have sent twenty dollars for him to take. Desire him to caution the Indians not to let any one know of our march, but to sound the inhabitants, and find out how they stand affected, and whether our coming would be agreeable to them. If he does not choose to go alone, you must send a man with him, and both must return to us at Chaudiere Pond, as soon as possible; taking particular notice of the river, whether our batteaus can pass down.

I am, Sir, your humble servant,


To Lieutenant Steel.