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Vote of the town of Ackworth


The reasons why we do not join with the towns of Unity, Acworth, Lempster, Saville, Croydon, and Newport, as we did last year, in choosing a Representative, is this, viz: Then we supposed they was to act only upon the present exigencies of the Government; but now the case is much altered. The honourable Continental Congress has declared their independence of Great Britain; therefore we think that the present Assembly has not taken right methods in issuing out their precepts for the choice of Representatives and Counsellors for the year ensuing; far, in the first place, they have, as to Representatives in some incorporated towns, allowed two or three Representatives; to others they have joined five or six towns together, whereas we think every incorporated town ought to be represented by themselves. Then, as to Counsellors, in one County they have ordered five, in some two, and in one County but one, which we look upon not according to liberty; for as this State is but one body, we think they ought to be chose by the people at large. And also they have ordered that neither of these shall have a seat in the Assembly without they have real estate to the value of two hundred pounds, lawful money; whereas we think every lawful elector is a subject to be elected.

Voted, That the above reasons be sent to the Council and Assembly of this State, which is to convene together at Exeter, the third Wednesday of this instant, and that the Town Clerk shall sign it in behalf of the town.

This done at a legal town meeting, Acworth, December 9th, 1776.


A true copy. Attest: SAM' L SILSBY, Town Clerk.