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Consideration of the Governour' s Message


Wednesday, March 8, 1775.

The House met pursuant to adjournment, when the Order of the 25th of last month being read, they proceeded to the consideration of the Governour' s Message; and after a debate of some length,

Ordered, That Mr˙ Dickinson, Mr˙ Mifflin, Mr˙ Galloway, Mr˙ Pearson, Mr˙ Morton, Mr˙ Ross, Mr˙ Swoope, Mr˙ Allen, Mr˙ Chreist, Mr˙ Edmonds, Mr˙ Dougherty, Mr˙ Hunter, and Mr˙ William Thompson, be a Committee to prepare and bring in a draught of an Answer to the said Message.

March 8, P˙ M.

The House resumed the consideration of the Governour' s Message of yesterday, relating to the company of Indians now in Town; and after some debate thereon,

Resolved, That a sum not exceeding one hundred Pounds be allowed for the expenses of the said Indians, and for purchasing such clothing as they may stand in heed of.

The Committee appointed to prepare and bring in an Answer to the Governour' s Message, reported that they had essayed a draught for that purpose, which was read, and referred for further consideration till to-morrow.