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Committee of Safety


The Letter from John Hancock, Esquire, of the 17th instant, received by the Committee of Safety, was also read, and the blank Commission contained in Mr˙ Hancock' s Letter of the 19th instant, was also read.

A Letter from the New-York Delegates at Philadelphia, was read.

After some time spent in deliberating of a proper person to be appointed Deputy Adjutant-General or Brigade-Major, the Congress agreed to defer the appointment for further consideration.

The Committee of Safety for the Colony of New-York, during the recess of this Congress, delivered in a Report of their proceedings. The Congress proceeded to hear a part of the said Report and the proceedings of the said Committee on the 11th July. The Congress ordered that the respective Letters of William Duer, Esquire, and of William Marsh and Joseph Rose, received by the Committee of Safety on the 11th July, lie on the table for the perusal of the members of this Congress.

The Congress then adjourned to five o' clock, P˙ M.

Five o' clock, P˙ M˙, July 26, 1775,

Congress met pursuant to adjournment. Present:

Peter Van Brugh Livingston, esq˙, President.

For the CITY and COUNTY of NEW-YORK: Isaac Low, Alex˙ McDougall, Joseph Hallelt, Abraham Brasher, James Beekman, Richard Yates, David Clarkson, Benjamin Kissam, John Marston, Isaac Sears, Samuel Verplanck.
For DUTCHESS COUNTY: Anthony Hoffman, Gilbert Livingston, Melancton Smith, Nathaniel Sackett, Jonathan Landon.
For ULSTER COUNTY: Egbert Dumond, Christ˙ Tappen.
For SUFFOLK COUNTY: Thomas Tredwell, Ezra L' Hommedieu, John Foster.
For WESTCHESTER COUNTY: Gouverneur Morris, Lewis Graham, James Van Cortlandt, Philip Cortlandt, James Holmes, John Thomas, Joseph Drake.
For KING' S COUNTY: Theodorus Polhemus, John Vanderbilt.
For RICHMOND COUNTY: Paul Micheau, Aaron Cortelyou, John Journey.
For QUEEN' S COUNTY: Jacob Blackwell, Jonathan Lawrence, Zebulon Williams, Samuel Townshend, Joseph French, Joseph Robinson, Nathaniel Tom, Richard Thome.
For CHARLOTTE COUNTY: David Watkins.
For TRYON COUNTY: John Marlett.

The Petition of John Fisher, Saddler, was read, and filed.

The Certificate of Doctor John Jones and Dr˙ Samuel Bard, bearing date yesterday, certifying that they have examined Philip Henning respecting his qualifications to practise Physick and Surgery, and that they find him very deficient in his knowledge of them both, was read and filed.

A Certificate of Brigadier-General Montgomerie, certifying that Samuel Dyckman had delivered to him at Albany the despatches for Major-General Schuyler, on the 23d instant, was read, and delivered to the President.


A Return from Lieutenant David Palmer, bearing date this day, was read and filed; whereby it appears that he has enlisted twenty-three Volunteers, and waits for further orders.