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Governour Trumbull to General Washington



Lebanon, July 31, 1775.

SIR: By the Resolve in Congress of the 19th instant, it is recommended to the New-England Colonies to complete the deficiencies in the Regiments belonging to them respectively. I have not been informed of any deficiency in the number of Troops sent from Connecticut.

It is recommended, also, to this Colony, to complete and send forward to the camp before Boston, as soon as possible, the fourteen hundred men lately voted by our Assembly. The 25th instant I sent orders to the Colonels of the last raised Regiments to march forth with to the camp before Boston by subdivisions, if all were not in readiness. Expect many of the companies will begin their march this day, and that the whole will move forward very soon.

The honourable President Hancock, in his favour of the 22d instant, informs, that you had recommended, and the Congress have appointed Mr˙ Joseph Trumbull Commissary-General of the American Army. I am also informed that you have taken Mr˙ John Trumbull into your service and family. These instances of kindness shewn them justly claim my most grateful acknowledgments. A performance of their duty answerable to your expectation, will meet your approbation and continuance of regard, and afford me peculiar satisfaction and pleasure.

The Rose, Swan, and Kingfisher, ships-of-war, with a small tender, the 26th instant came into the harbour at New-London. On the 27th instant some men landed near the Light-house, broke off the trunnions and plugged up with old files three or four cannon. They sailed out again on Friday last. It is reported Mr˙ Collector Stuart is packing up his effects, in order to leave that port.

I am, Sir, with great truth and regard, your Excellency' s most obedient and humble servant,


His Excellency General Washington.