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Premiums Offered by the Committee of Bedford


Bedford, Pennsylvania, February 10, 1775.

Publick notice is hereby given, that for the encouragement of Industry and Manufactures, and agreeable to the recommendation of the General Congress, and of the Provincial Convention, that a Premium of Five Pounds will be paid by the Committee of Correspondence for the County of Bedford, to the person who shall erect the first Fulling Mill in the said County.

Three Pounds to the person in the said County who shall make the finest and best piece of Linen Cloth.

Forty Shillings to the person who shall make the next best piece.


Twenty Shillings to the person who shall make the third best piece; each containing not less than twenty yards, of Flax of the growth of this country.

And Twenty Shillings to the Weaver, who shall weave the finest piece before the 1st of October next.

On behalf of the Committee.


Divers other articles are under consideration, for which premiums will be offered hereafter.