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Field-Officers of the Mititia in the several Districts appointed


Saturday, January 6, 1776.

Convention met. All Members present as on yesterday. The Proceedings of yesterday were read. Mr˙ John Reeder, Jun˙, a Member for St˙ Mary' s County, appeared and took his seat in the House. Mr˙ John Allen Thomas has leave of absence.

The Convention elected by ballot the following persons Field-Officers for the Militia: Mr˙ Henry Hooper, Brigadier-General of the Lower District on the Eastern Shore; Mr˙ James Lloyd Chamberlaine, of the Upper District; Mr˙ John Dent, of the Lower District on the Western Shore; Mr˙ Andrew Buchanan, of the Middle District; Mr˙ Thomas Johnson, Jun˙, of the Upper District.

Resolved, That the said Brigadiers-General rank in the following manner, to wit: Brigadier-General Johnson, 1st; Brigadier-General Hooper, 2d; Brigadier-General Dent, 3d; Brigadier-General Chamberlaine, 4th; Brigadier-General Buchanan, 5th.


On motion, Resolved, That the acceptance of a superior office in the Militia of this Province be a vacation of the inferior office.

For St˙ Mary' s County.

Upper Battalion: Mr˙ Jeremiah Jordan, Colonel; Mr˙ John Reider, Jun˙, Lieutenant-Colonel; Mr˙ James Eden, First Major; Mr˙ John Hanson Briscoe, Second Major; Mr˙ James Mills, Quartermaster.

Lower Battalion: Mr˙ Richard Barnes, Colonel; Mr˙ John Hatton Reed, Lieutenant-Colonel; Mr˙ Ignatius Fenwick, Jun˙, First Major; Mr˙ Samuel Abell, Sen˙, Second Major; Mr˙ Hugh Hopewell, Jun˙, Quartermaster.

For Charles County.

Upper Battalion: Mr˙ William Harrison, Colonel; Mr˙ Samuel Hanson of Samuel, Lieutenant-Colonel; Mr˙ Kenelm Truman Stoddert, First Major; Mr˙ Samuel Hanson, Jun˙, Second; Mr˙ Walter Hanson, Quartermaster.

Lower Battalion: Mr˙ Josias Hawkins, Colonel; Mr˙ Robert T˙ Hooe, Lieutenant-Colonel; Mr˙ John Marshall, First Major; Mr˙ John Harris, Second; Mr˙ John Nathan Smoot, Quartermaster.

Adjourned till three o' clock.

Post Meridiem. —Convention met. Mr˙ Thomas Wright, Mr˙ Sim, and Mr˙ Tyler, have leave of absence. Mr˙ Letherbury appeared in the House.

The Convention resumed the election of Officers for the Militia, and elected by ballot:

For Calvert County.

Mr˙ Benjamin Mackall, Fourth Colonel; Mr˙ Alexander Somerville, Lieutenant-Colonel; Mr˙ Joseph Wilkinson, First Major; Mr˙ Patrick Sim Smith, Second; Mr˙ William Allein, Quartermaster.

For Anne Arundel County.

Elk-Ridge Battalion: Mr˙ Thomas Dorsey, Colonel; Mr˙ John Dorsey, Lieutenant-Colonel; Dr˙ C˙ A˙ Warfield, First Major; Mr˙ Edward Gaither, Jun˙, Second; Mr˙ Benjamin Howard, Quartermaster.

Severn Battalion: Mr˙ John Hall, Colonel; Mr˙ Rezin Hammond, Lieutenant-Colonel; Mr˙ Nicholas Worthington, First Major; Mr˙ Elijah Robosson, Second; Mr˙ Matthias Hammond, Quartermaster.

South-River Battalion: Mr˙ John Weems, Colonel; Mr˙ Richard Harwood, Jun˙, Lieutenant-Colonel; Mr˙ John Thomas, First Major; Mr˙ Thomas Tillard, Second; Mr˙ Edward Tillard, Quartermaster.

For Frederick County˙Middle District.

First Battalion: Mr˙ Charles Bealty, Colonel; Mr˙ William Beatty, Lieutenant-Colonel; Mr˙ Ludwick Weltner, First Major; Mr˙ Benjamin Johnson, Second; Mr˙ Lewis Bush, Quartermaster.

Second Battalion: Mr˙ James Johnson, Colonel; Mr˙ Joseph Wood, Lieutenant-Colonel; Mr˙ Benjamin Ogle, First Major; Mr˙ Roger Johnson, Second; Mr˙ Azel Waters, Quartermaster.

Third Battalion: Mr˙ Jacob Good, Colonel; Mr˙ William Blair, Lieutenant-Colonel; Mr˙ Samuel Shaw, First Major; Mr˙ William Shields, Second; Mr˙ Joseph McKillip, Quartermaster.

Fourth Battalion: Mr˙ Baker Johnson, Colonel; Mr˙ William Luckett, Lieutenant-Colonel; Mr˙ Jacob Miller, First Major; Mr˙ Henry Darnall, Second; Mr˙ Nicholas Tice, Quartermaster.

Lower District.

Lower Battalion: Mr˙ John Murdock, Colonel; Mr˙ Thomas Johns, Lieutenant-Colonel; Mr˙ Richard Brooke, First Major; Mr˙ William Deakins, Second; Mr˙ Richard Thompson, Quartermaster.

Upper Battalion: Mr˙ Zadock Magruder, Colonel; Mr˙ Charles G˙ Griffith, Lieutenant-Colonel; Mr˙ Francis Deakins, First Major; Mr˙ Richard Crabb, Second; Mr˙ Samuel Du Vall, Quartermaster.

Upper District.

First Battalion: Mr˙ John Stull, Colonel; Mr˙ Andrew Rench, Lieutenant-Colonel; Mr˙ Henry Shryock, First Major; Mr˙ George Woltz, Second; Mr˙ Elie Williams, Quartermaster.


Second Battalion: Mr˙ Samuel Beall, Colonel; Mr˙ Joseph Smith, Lieutenant-Colonel; Mr˙ Richard Davis, First Major; Mr˙ Charles Swearingen, Second; Mr˙ James Chapline, Quartermaster.

For Harford County.

Upper Battalion: Mr˙ Aquila Hall, Colonel; Mr˙ John Love, Lieutenant-Colonel; Mr˙ Josias Carvill Hall, First Major; Dr˙ John Archer, Second; Mr˙ Richard Dallam, Quartermaster.

Lower Battalion: Mr˙ Benjamin Rumsey, Colonel; Mr˙ Thomas Bond, Lieutenant-Colonel; Mr˙ Abraham Jarrett, First Major; Mr˙ John Taylor, Second; Mr˙ Robert Amos, Quartermaster.

For Cecil County.

Bohemia Battalion: Mr˙ John Veazy, Jun˙, Colonel; Mr˙ John D˙ Thompson, Lieutenant-Colonel; Mr˙ William Rumsey, First Major; Dr˙ Joshua Clayton, Second; Mr˙ Samuel Young, Quartermaster.

Elk Battalion: Mr˙ Charles Rumsey, Colonel; Mr˙ Henry Hollingsworth, Lieutenant-Colonel; Mr˙ Edward Parker, First Major; Mr˙ John Strawbridge, Second; Mr˙ Thomas Huggins, Quartermaster.

Susquehannah Battalion: Mr˙ George Johnson, Colonel; Mr˙ Thomas Hughes, Lieutenant-Colonel; Mr˙ John Hartshorn, First Major; Mr˙ Elihu Hall, Second; Mr˙ John Hambleton, Quartermaster.

For Queen Anne' s County.

Upper Battalion: Richard T˙ Earle, Colonel; Mr˙ Samuel Thompson, Jun˙, Lieutenant-Colonel; Mr˙ John Seney, First Major; Mr˙ James Kent, Second; Mr˙ William Bruff, Quartermaster.

Lower Battalion: Mr˙ Thomas Wright, Colonel; Mr˙ Richard Tilghman, Lieutenant-Colonel; Mr˙ William Hemsley, First Major; Mr˙ Arthur Emory, Second; Mr˙ James Tilghman, Quartermaster.

For Somerset County.

Upper Battalion: Mr˙ George Dashiell, Colonel; Mr˙ George Day Scott, Lieutenant-Colonel; Mr˙ John Stewart, First Major; Mr˙ William Horsey, Second; Mr˙ Severn Hitch, Quartermaster.

Lower Battalion: Mr˙ Thomas Hayward, Colonel; Mr˙ Peter Waters, Lieutenant-Colonel; Mr˙ Thomas Bruff, First Major; Mr˙ William Waters of William, Second; Mr˙ William Gillis, Quartermaster.

For Worcester County.

First Battalion: Mr˙ Peter Chaille, Colonel; Mr˙ Joseph Dashiell, Lieutenant-Colonel; Mr˙ John Done, First Major; Mr˙ Robert Done, Second; Mr˙ George Martin, Quartermaster.

Second Battalion: Mr˙ William Purnell, Colonel; Mr˙ Zadock Purnell, Lieutenant-Colonel; Mr˙ Samuel Handy, First Major; Mr˙ William Morris, Second; Mr˙ Josias Mitchell, Quartermaster.

The Convention adjourns till Monday morning, half after nine o' clock.