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Willing, Morris and Co., authorized to send a Vessel to Foreign parts to procure Powder, Arms, and for the Province


Monday, December 11, 1775.

At a meeting of the Committee of Safety: Present — John Nixon, Chairman, Daniel Roberdeau, James Mease, James Biddle, Owen Biddle, George Clymer, Joseph Reed, Alexander Wilcocks, Thomas Wharton, Jun.

Upon application of Captain Harmar for the payment of a Firelock, purchased for the use of his Company, in the Continental service, by order of the Board, an Order was drawn in favour of Richard Ennis, on Messrs˙ Mease and Caldwell, Paymasters to the First Pennsylvania Battalion, for two pounds, eleven shillings, the amount of said Firelock.

Upon motion of Mr˙ Thomas Wharton, one of the Committee for importing and procuring Powder, Arms, &c˙, for the use of this Province,

Resolved, That they, the said Committee, direct Messrs˙


Willing and Morris & Co˙, to load the ship Neptune, Robert Collins, master, with the produce of these Colonies, for the purpose of procuring said articles from foreign parts; and that the following Certificate be issued, viz:

This is to certify that Messrs˙ Willing and Morris & Co˙, have permission to load the ship Neptune, Robert Collins, master, with the produce of these Colonies, the same being for account of this Province, and the export agreeable to a Resolve of Congress of 26th October last.

Resolved, That Captain Nathaniel Boyce take the command of the Armed Boat Franklin, Captain Biddle, the late commander, being promoted in the Continental service.

Upon application to this Board in behalf of Captain James Josiah, that he may have leave to resign his Commission to enter the Continental service, liberty was granted him.

Robert Towers reports his having received into store one and one-half barrels Powder, weight one hundred and fifty-one pounds, from Oswell Eve, being part of the damaged Powder sent him to repair; also, fifty-five and one-half pounds Saltpetre, from Peter De Haven.