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Commission Granted for the Privateer Brig General Montgomery


In Council of Safety, August 30, 1776.

Present: Samuel Morris, Sen˙, Chairman, Owen Biddle, John Hubly, John Moore, Frederick Kuhl, John Weitzel, James Cannon, George Gray.

John Maxwell Nesbitt, Esq˙, Treasurer, was directed to pay the following Accounts, viz:

Benjamin Marshall, for sundries for the use of the Fleet of this State £58 9 2d.

Christian West & Co˙, for victualling four Companies of Colonel Ross' s Battalion, Lancaster County, £110 3 9; to be charged to Congress.

Benjamin Brooks, £18 16 10, and Peter Gauber, £1 11; for repairing Arms belonging to Colonel Potts' s Battalion.

Benjamin Broomback, for fifty-five breakfasts for Captain Adams' s Company, Colonel Grub' s Battalion, £2 1 3; to be charged to Congress.

Thomas Miles, for two Rifles, for Captain Elijah Davis' s Company, (to be charged to Colonel David Thomas,) £12.

James Brooks, £4 12 3, for stocking Guns belonging to Colonel Potts' s Battalion.

Mr˙ Robert Towers, Commissary, £87 5 2, for Saltpetre purchased, making Cartridges, &c.

Martha McAllen, 20; to be charged to this State.


Tobias Rudolph, £2 10, for Horse hire going in search of Arthur Thomas; to be charged to Congress.

To pay for Wagon hire £6 15, for service of this State.

Captain Jacob Towns, £75, for Bounty money for his Company, who have entered the Flying Camp; to be charged to Congress.

Resolved, That the Commanding Officers of the Militia who have returned from Camp with their Troops be required to deliver into the hands of Mr˙ Robert Towers, Commissary, all such Arms and Accoutrements belonging to this State as may be in their possession, in order that the same may be put into the hands of such Associators as are not provided and ready to march to New Jersey. The expenses of such collection will be discharged by this Board.

Thomas Haney, a Mulatto, was brought before the Board, and charged by Captain Charles Stuart with theft; whereupon he was committed to the common Jail.

Agreeably to Resolve of the honourable Congress, and by direction of the Board, a Commission was granted for the privateer Brig called the General Montgomery, commanded by James Montgomery, mounting twelve carriage guns, navigated by one hundred men.