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Anne Arundel County (Maryland) Committee



In Committee, Annapolis, November 3, 1775.

Ordered, That the persons respectively appointed to carry the Association to the inhabitants of their respective Hundreds in Anne Arundel County, return the same, together with a list of the Non-Associators, agreeable to the Resolves of the late Convention. For St˙ Anne' s and St˙ Margaret' s Westminster Parishes, at Mr˙ John Ball' s, in Annapolis, on Wednesday, the 15th inst˙; for Queen Caroline Parish, at Mr˙ William Spurrier' s, on Friday, the 17th instant; and for St˙ James' s and Allhallows, at Mr˙ Jonathan Rawlings' s, on Tuesday, the 21st instant.

The Captains of the Mililia of this County, and also those persons who were appointed to enroll Minute-Men, are requested to meet the Committees of their respective Parishes at the above times and places.

By order: G˙ DUVALL, Clerk.